Andrews Named to Lead Olson Remcho’s Compliance Reporting Unit

Emily Andrews

Emily A. Andrews, a founding partner of Olson Remcho, has been named Lead Partner of the firm’s Compliance Reporting Unit (“CRU”). 

The CRU, staffed by a trained and experienced team of political reports specialists based in the Sacramento and Long Beach offices, ensures that all funds raised to support or oppose candidates or initiatives are reported in a timely way and used in compliance with local, state and federal laws.  The Unit also ensures that its clients which engage in state and local legislative and administrative lobbying are disclosing their activity in compliance with complex state and local lobbying ordinances.

Emily’s extensive experience advising clients on campaign finance matters makes her a natural for this role.

“The Compliance Reporting Unit provides a key service to clients and we’re very pleased and fortunate to have Emily overseeing the CRU team,” said founding partner Lance Olson.  “Emily’s extensive experience advising clients on campaign finance matters makes her a natural for this role.”

Emily’s practice includes advising nonprofit organizations, labor unions, candidates, individuals, businesses and others on compliance with state and federal campaign finance, election, lobbying disclosure, gift and other ethics-related laws.  In addition, she has experience advising public officials on compliance with state and federal financial disclosure requirements, successfully defending clients in enforcement actions with state and local ethics agencies including the Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) and the San Francisco Ethics Commission, and providing compliance trainings to clients.

Emily is a member of the California Political Attorneys Association and chair of the organization’s Regulatory Committee, which regularly engages with the FPPC and other regulatory bodies regarding items that impact the regulated community.

A 2011 graduate of the University of San Francisco School of Law, Emily earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science and Communication from Loyola University Chicago, where she graduated cum laude.